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How can I vote on a proposal? 

Anyone can vote on a proposal once they log into the system. The general public view does not allow voting. To vote, please log in first (IMF staff must use SSO, Non-IMF staff will need to register the first time and reset their password). Once you are in, go to the challenge, and select browse or search proposals. You can hover over the proposal and hit the vote icon to vote.


Is voting used in the evaluation process?

Voting is not used in the evaluation process and is not part of the assessment criteria. However, it is helpful for teams to get support for their ideas and drive engagement and potential further collaboration. 


Why does search and commenting not work?

Any interactive functionality will require you to log in first (searching, commenting, voting, submission)


Why was my idea not longlisted?

Longlisting is a competitive screening process to help ensure a manageable list for the matchmaking process. Factors contributing to ideas not being longlisted include:


  • Eligibility
  • Relevancy 
  • Level of detail


Ideas that were not longlisted will be archived. We would like to thank everyone for their interest and support for the challenge!


How does the matchmaking process work?

Project teams will receive an email communication and instructions on the matchmaking process. Each project team should review all matchmaking requests and independently connect with potential collaborators prior to accepting members into the team.


Why did I not get a notification from the system?

Please check your spam or junk folder in your mailbox and ensure that domain alerts from Brightidea are being accepted.


What is the eligibility of my organization to participate?

Only country authorities/agencies, staff from the IMF and other International Institutions, Civil Society Organizations including think tanks are allowed to submit proposals.  This is specifically designed to promote inter-organizational partnerships and collaboration at a project level.  Individuals that do not meet this criteria may still be part of a team however are not eligible to submit a proposal.


Why is my proposal not visible?

Only submissions selected for the longlist in phase 2 will be visible to the public.  Submitters can see their submissions anytime but will have to log in first.  

If you have saved your idea as a draft it will also not be submitted, thus not available for review for the longlist.  To access your draft, you have to log in first and see your draft on the right hand side in the "My Drafts" section and you can submit once it is ready after selecting it.


Can I update my proposal after editing it?

Yes, you can update your proposal anytime until the matchmaking closes (Oct 31, 2021) by clicking on your idea under "My Proposals" on the right of the main page.  This ensures you can get the perspectives of new team members as well as update your team information prior to evaluation for the shortlist.


How do I keep parts of my proposal not visible to the public?

If you have parts of your proposal that needs to be hidden from the public you can add a private attachment.  


How many proposals are allowed for an organization to submit?

There are no limits however all proposals are screened for relevancy, completeness and eligibility. 


How much seed funding is available, what can they be used for, and how are they distributed?

Seed funding will be provided on a case by case using a metered funding model based on project milestones, satisfactory progress, and availability of funds. Seed funding has ranged between 25-50K in the past. Funding covers only valid project related costs such as data, compute power, expert resources outside the team etc. and does not imply a grant or an upfront lump sum. Partnering organizations and team members are expected to contribute their own time to their project hence reimbursable costs for team time are excluded. 


What information is required on the proposal?

The following information is required for submission, you can also browse submissions for examples:

Description - General background and description of your proposal

Category - Choose one of the topics in the category dropddown as the primary topic 

Subcategories - If your project fits multiple categories, select relevant subcategories (Optional)

Problem Statement - Please provide a short statement on the problem your solution is addressing
Benefits - Who will benefit from your solution and how?

Work done already - What work has already been done by your team on project?

Submitter Bio & Organization - Please provide your bio and name of organisation you represent.  
Team Bio - Bio of your team
Organization Type - Please describe the type of organizations represented in your team?

Team Location - Which country does your team primarily reside in?

Matchmaking Expertise - What sort of expertise is required for the matchmaking phase (Optional and for phase two)?

Support Required - What support is required should your project be selected


Please note proposal with insufficient or missing information will be screeened out.


For further questions, please email INNOVATION@imf.org


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