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The Triangle of Data, Technology and Ownership
Nov 27 2019

We create deviancy from the traditional method of NGOs and CBOs being the voice of their communities to equipping the communities to be their VOICE themselves. Through our work, we have supported the Kaduna state government and the Nigerian government to establish the Open Procurement Portal and we have increased the civic space by creating more awareness and more demand for accountability from the citizens to engage the portal and the government. We work around the open data and technologies to co-create ownership. We bring in the government through our policy dialogues and increased their capacity to be able to engage effectively and deliver services base on need assessment and demand from the communities. Our activities pushed both Kaduna state and Nigeria in meeting up with the requirements to join the Open Government Partners (OGP). FollowTaxes sit-in as a member of the Kaduna State OGP local Steering Committee and Nigeria Technical Working group member in fiscal transparency and citizen engagement.Our focus is geared towards improving participatory democracy by empowering citizens and communities with the right knowledge to engage the government and demand for accountability and curb corruption with the ultimate of enhancing sustainable service delivery to our communities.

Expertise Required
For the development of our idea we are seeking an IMF staff employee with skills and knowledge in using open data and state registries for fighting and preventing corruption. Especially we are looking for an expert in the field of monitoring and preventing conflicts of interest. An asset also would be the expertise in public procurement processes. 



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