Q & A

What is the eligibility of my organization to participate?

Only country authorities, relevant civil society organizations and staff from the IMF and other International Financial Institutions (IFIs) are allowed to submit proposals.


Is collaboration with other organizations such as academia or private sector allowed?

Collaboration with other relevant organizations is encouraged. Team from academia or from private sector are permitted however submissions will need to come from relevant organizations only as listed.  All team members must be registered on the site and accept terms and conditions.


How many proposals are allowed for an organization to submit?

There are no limits however all proposals are screened for relevancy.


How much seed funding is available and how are funds distributed?

Seed funding will be provided on a case by case using a metered funding model based on project milestones.  Seed funding has ranged between 25-50K in the past. Note funding covers only valid project related costs such as data,compute power, expert resources etc and does not imply a grant or a upfront lump sum.

As a pre-condition of funding, project team must have an IMF employee on board.


For further querstions, please email AGuerrero@imf.org 

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