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An AI/ML Application to enhance the transparency and management of national budget in DR Congo
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Every day, the Congolese government manages the national budget, collects taxes from thousands of companies and signs contracts. And yet these documents and data are still not accessible to the population to know how the public money is spent, how much of the taxes were paid, which contracts were signed, and finally the details on the expenditure of the national budget.


The lack of transparency therefore promotes corruption. We want to make this information and data accessible to all citizens, finally to be able to allow them to see and follow how public money is spent ; by enhancing the transparency and accountability in management of national budget. Our technology will contribute to fight against corruption.


Our Application is an innovative interactive web and mobile visualization application that leverages on artificial intelligent/ machine learning to aggregate automatically data from different datasources and to allow citizens to better visualize how Congo's budget is managed.


Citizens will have the possibilities to better visualize :


- Revenue

- Budget spent ( how budget are spent by different units, etc)

- Taxes paid by entreprises ( extractive industries, oil companies, etc)

- Actual spending per Ministry, etc

- Visualization of the relationship between contractors & the government

- Contracts signed (Date of signature, amount, rate of execution of project, date of end)


It's a user-friendly application that provides to citizens a great insight on how the budget of DRCongo are spent by authorities. Data on our application can be printed, downloaded or shared with other social networks directly such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.   These data can be transformed into tables or graphs. 

Citizens can also make comments or suggestions or alert about a case of irregularities.

Expertise Required
Artificial Intelligence Extractive industries Machine Learning Mobile application public finance Public Procurement Web application 



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